Innovative Solutions for Accelerating Anti-Poverty Impact & Enhancing Financial Inclusion

In many developing countries, microfinance plays a significant role in bridging the gap between the mainstream financial institutions and the rural poor. Increasingly, microfinance is being considered as one of the most effective tools for lifting the poor out of poverty and enhancing financial inclusion through making micro-loans and offering other financial services such as savings and insurance.

The microfinance sector consistently focuses on understanding the needs of the disadvantaged and low-income households, devising better ways of delivering financial and support services to meet these requirements, and developing the most efficient and effective mechanisms to deliver financial services to their clients. Automation and business process re-engineering of the Micro Finance Institutions’ (MFIs) operations are vital to MFIs who seek to achieve steady improvement in operational efficiency while attaining continuous and sustainable growth.

To this end, TBOP was set up to develop solutions that will enable MFIs to improve their operational efficiency, increase operational cost effectiveness, grow their client base, achieve better portfolio and risk management; and thereby build a sustainable business while fostering good practices for responsible lending.

In addition to operational effectiveness and efficiency, another key success factor of the MFIs is how well they fair in fulfilling their mission of moving their clients out of poverty, reaching the rural poor who are excluded from mainstream financial services, empowering women and, in certain cases, promoting community solidarity. To address the funding institutions’ growing demand for timely, comprehensive quantitative analysis of the clients’ progress, TBOP’s solutions are also designed to equip the MFIs and their funding institutions with data to measure the clients’ progress out of poverty and the MFIs’ compliance to good practices.

TBOP’s goal is to harness available technologies and platforms to develop innovative solutions to empower MFIs to achieve operational efficiency and scale their capacity thereby providing a direct impact on the lives of the poor, and advancing the microfinance industry as it accelerates toward higher standards of anti-poverty impact and financial performance.


TTBOP’s Prodigy Microfinance and Client Management System was designed from ground up in response to the requirements of MFI’s garnered from discussions with industry leaders, practitioners as well as visits to the field to obtain feedback from field operators. All this was made possible with the kind support of some of the larger MFI’s in Indonesia who saw the need for such a solution.

Our productivity enhancing solution consists of:

1. MyProdigy
An application that allows client/borrower to manage his or her account portfolio and to perform online transactions via a smartphone, tablet or computer.
2. Prodigym
A tablet-based mobile module for field officers
3. Prodigy+
A management and back office module accessible from any computing terminal with internet connectivity and basically runs the entire operations of the MFI, with export capability to legacy accounting software.

Prodigy Mobile and Prodigy Plus are developed using HTML and are accessible via any devices installed with a web browser. Once the main system is installed, both modules are easily downloadable and installed for new users. The information from the management module can be uploaded to the mobile device via physical connection, Bluetooth, or local wireless LAN connection. In the field, the mobile module can operate in ‘online’ or ‘offline’ mode depending on availability of Internet connectivity. When operating in the offline mode field officers can continue to perform all transactions. The transaction records can be updated to the management module once the field officers have access to Internet connectivity or they can simply perform a data synchronisation when they are back at the branch office via physical connection, Bluetooth or wireless LAN.



Highly efficient and cost effective approach in deploying and managing a network of field officers performing loan disbursements, savings, micro-finance products, customer acquisitions and client’s portfolio management.


Offers financial transparency in operations as a result of reduction in manual steps, elimination of double data entry and lost documents thereby achieving less errors and increased traceability and accountability with advanced audit trails.

3.Error Elimination

Increased efficiency in operations as a result of reduction in manual steps, elimination of data entry errors and document handling.


Increased convenience and security for customers as SMS confirmation can be generated and recorded for every transaction and/or receipts can be printed with portable Bluetooth printers synced with the tablets.


Provides near real-time information with Internet connectivity or through the SMS feature of the application so that the Branch and/or Head office is able to remotely monitor and track financial transactions instantly.

6.Network Independant

Field officers can perform transactions on the tablets in either online or offline mode. In the event where Internet connectivity is not available in the field, transaction data are saved in the tablet until data sync with the Management and Back Office module is performed when the field officer returns to the branch office.


Our web-based solution is designed to allow for localisation, future enhancements, convenient software support, and customisation for new products and services.

8.Know Your Customer - KYC

An highly intuitive and informative application which can be accessed by clients/borrowers with smart phones consist of a mobile wallet for E money and cashless transactions, client data with records of all transactions with the MFI, an ability for MFI’s to send voice tags to the clients etc. This application allows for a close contact between the MFI and the client beyond the scheduled visits by field officers.

Prodigym Features

Operational dashboard with Task-for-the-day summary

Customer acquisition and account opening function, capturing of client’s information with integrated photograph capturing function

Operational dashboard with Task-for-the-day summary

Account management of clients, view clients’ complete transaction history and overview

Loan disbursements plan

Loan collection plan

Saving and other financial products enrolment and account management

Notification by SMS for customer, cashier, manager, etc.

Automatic scoring of Housing Index

Selection of mode of operation - online (with Internet connectivity) or offline (without Internet connectivity)

Individual user login with password thereby allowing sharing of tablets from a common pool of mobile devices


Dashboard for pending tasks, for example, loan applications pending approval, customer-training sessions to be scheduled, etc.

Assignment of customer to dedicated field officer/branch

Management of customer demographics

Account management of clients, view clients’ complete transaction history and overview

Viewing of loan history of each customer

Loan collection plan

Viewing of customer base of each field officer

Tracking of outstanding loans

Viewing of transaction history for each customer and field officer

Real-time information on amount of cash to be submitted by each field officer at end of each day

Real-time overview of the closing balance (cash on hand) of each branch office at end of each day

Supports the secure & auditable submission of collected money by field officer to cashier/treasurer authenticated by personalised PINs and individualised SMSes

Supports the secure & auditable disbursement of money by cashier/treasurer to field officer authenticated by personalised PINs and individualised SMSes

Reports on the number of visits performed by each field officer per day/per week

Centralised provisioning and configuration of devices

Clearly defined and restricted user roles and permissions

Remote user access revocation

Multiple standard reports, custom reports can be created on demand

Reports can be printed or exported as pdf

Hosted solution, minimum hardware requirements to MFIs

Audit trail of changes made to the system

Interface with existing banking/MIS systems

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